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Fixed limit betting structure for poker

Fixed limit when playing poker game refers to fixed sizes for all raises and bets. It is mostly abbreviated as FL, and traditionally, it was the most used betting structure in most of the variants of poker. It is still popular, but the no limit has taken over the number one position for most bettors.
When playing pokerusing the fixed limit structure, the bettors will have to only raise and bet using a fixed amount. In a game, there are always two betting sizes; the big bet and the small bet, with players being limite to the small bets during the early rounds of betting and in the later rounds of betting to big bets.
The game of Texas Hold’em horse racing odds is a good example where the small sizes of bet apply during the flop and pre-flop betting rounds, while for the big bet sizes, it applies in the river and the turn betting rounds. In the poker game of Sever Card Stud, the bettors are generally limited to small sizes of bet in the two initial rounds of betting, and the big sizes bet in the last three rounds.
The game’s stake usually determines the actual amount of the bet sizes. A game which is labelled as $10/20 would mean that the small sizes bet will be of $10 while the big sizes bet will be $20. The big blind is that for the small bet, with the small blind being equated to the same amount cut into half. So if there is a fixed limit of $10/20 on the hold’em game, then the blinds will be $5 and 10$.
The first bet that you make in any round has to be exactly equal to the small bet size in an early betting round and big size bet if in a late betting round. For raises, they have to also be equal to the betting size with the total number of raises in a given round of betting being limited to only three.


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