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What are the advantages of using a tungsten carbide drill?

Drilling is an essential process in manufacturing and other industries. Whenever you have to make a hole on hard items, a drill bit will be required. A drill bit is nothing but a hard rod-like element fixed on a mechanism that makes it rotate swiftly. Once you place this rotating bit on the surface, necessary holes will be made. However, the selection of a drill bit is vital and it depends on your requirement. Mostly, lighter bits will go useless after the first-time usage itself. If you wish to have a longer-life drill bit, you go with Titanium plated tungsten carbide drill bits. In this article, let us discuss the advantages of using this drill bit.
Advantages of Titanium plated tungsten carbide drill bits
Longer life – It is the primary benefit of tungsten carbide drills. As tungsten and carbide are harder elements, the combination of these two will be stronger enough to last for a long time. You will find no deformations on the drill after several holes on harder surfaces like aluminum, steel, and the likes. Hence, it is a better option to go for a tungsten carbide drill if you need the equipment for prolonged processes.
Cutting speed – Let us assume that the material of operation is too complex and hard. So, you would have to maintain a higher cutting speed throughout the drilling process. In such cases, a tungsten carbide drill bit will be optimal equipment.
Wear resistance – As said, these drill bits will last longer as they have the capacity of resisting high wear. Although there will be wear whenever there is a mechanical contact with high force between two surfaces, the wear will be negligible.
Cutting resistance – The multi-terminal geometry of the drill bit provides only negligible cutting resistance.

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